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Mendon, MA 01756
Toll Free: (866) WEB-1-PRO (866) 932-1776
Fax: (866) 938-2669
    Professional Web Site Design, Application Development, Hosting, Site Maintenance, & Support


Blackstone Web Design offers the following services to handle all your business needs at reasonable cost. Click on any of our services listed below to learn more:

Web Strategy
Is your web site providing its maximum value to your business? Blackstone Web Design frequently performs Web site audits. The audits consist of analyzing a site's content, search engine effectiveness, navigation, aesthetics, browser compatibility, load time, competitiveness and other factors. We also look at your business: Who are the customer you are trying to reach? What are you trying to sell? How are you marketing your product and service mix? We roll all of that together and analyze it. Generally what comes out of this is a set of specific action items for improving your web site's overall effectiveness. Sometimes, having an objective third party look at your Internet Model and go to market strategy can help your bottom-line. If you are interested, schedule and appointment with us. We can explain futher the strategic services we can provide for your business.

Website design
Whether you are interested in creating a totally new web site or redesigning and existing web site, we've got you covered. Our design services include:
  • An initial consultation to assess your needs.
  • Conceptual design of your web site.
  • New web site creation.
  • Final approval, and launch of your new web site.

E-Commerce Site design
Are you interested in selling products online? Our expertise in e-commerce site design can get you up and running online and completely set up to sell your products on the Internet. We have several options that we can explore with you, depending on your needs and budget. With all the options, it can be confusing to figure out how to to begin. We suggest you request an initial consultation with Blackstone Web Design to help you assess your needs. We will never try to "sell you a solution". Rather, we look at your requirements and clearly explain your options so you can choose the solution you want. We have been involved in all levels of e-commerce site design including:
  • PayPal Web Site Integrations
  • Yahoo Merchant Storefronts
  • Complete custom designed e-commerce sites

Flash Design & Multimedia
Blackstone Web Design excels at business-focused flash design. From image-enhancing accent animations to highly-advanced online multimedia applications, we have a unique combination of expertise to unleash the true power of Flash multimedia.
Flash multimedia is a very powerful and flexible medium. By combining world-class creative media with innovative programming functionality and sound business logic, Blackstone Web Design can create multimedia for your company that you can use as an accelerated business tool for:
  • building brand awareness
  • increasing perceived value
  • enhancing the customer experience
  • explaining complex concepts
  • delivering advanced functionality
Multimedia Capabilities:
  • web animation & banners
  • online demos
  • flash web sites
  • advanced flash programming
  • cd-rom multimedia

Website hosting
The hosting data center that Blackstone Web Design relies on to host their client’s web sites is world-class. It is connected to multiple tier one providers with BG-P4 routing to ensure exceptional uptime and reliability. References are available upon request.

Here are some facts regarding the hosting data center:

  • All hosting servers are stored in a secure and climate-controlled environment linked to the Internet through high-speed data lines.
  • All of the servers in the Data Center are Windows 2000-2003 Advanced Servers running Internet Information Services (IIS) 5 and 6.
  • Every one of these servers is routinely updated with all the current Service Packs, Hotfixes and Security Patches.
  • System backups of your web site are preformed nightly, with several prior days archived in a secure location.
Hosting details
  • General:
    5,000 sq. ft. 18?raised flooring
    Raised Floors
    24 x 7 Onsite Staff
    State-of-the-art $10 million facility, opened in 2003
    Located outside of Denver, CO, USA.
  • Power:
    Dual Power Feeds
    Redundant UPS: Dual PowerWare 160KVA
    Distribution: Starline Bussway Generator: Cummings 1000KW diesel
    with 7 day fuel supply plus refueling contracts
    ATS: 16000 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch
  • Security:
    Card Key System controlled by on-site NOC personnel
    Toshiba Closed-Circuit Digital Video Surveillance System
  • Fire Suppression:
    Multi-zone monitors above & below raised floor. Monitored internally and externally
    Dry pipe pre-action fire suppression
    6 20-Ton HVAC Units, providing N+2 redundancy
    Temperature maintained at 68 degrees and 45% humidity
  • Monitoring:
    Proactive internal network monitoring 24X7X365
    Remote service monitoring on all equipment
  • Connectivity:
    Direct dual, redundant Gigabit fiber connections to Cable & Wireless.
    Direct connection to their national fiber network node located in an adjacent building. Cable & Wireless maintains 8 OC-192 connections in Denver, CO. Currently the dual fiber connections are at 25 ?35% capacity ensuring plenty of bandwidth for your web site.

    Gigabit connection to Internap via XO fiber, with Internap's local Point of Presence (PNAP) less than a block away from the data center. Internap peers directly to 8 Tier 1 backbones in Denver and features proprietary intelligent routing technology to route traffic over the providers with the least latency and packet loss. Internap peers directly with UUNET, Sprint, Global Crossing, Cable & Wireless, Level(3), Verio, XO and AT&T in Denver.

    netVmg intelligent routing hardware that constantly monitors the performance of all backbone connections and automatically routes traffic to the provider(s) with the best performance in real-time.

    Multiple Diverse Fiber Paths - Cisco Powered Network, including dual / redundant Gigabit core routing and switching gear with HSRP fail over

Website support
Once your web site is up and running, maintaining your web site becomes a continuous process. For a simple web site, we may be able to show you how to make changes yourself. Most business owners would rather not deal with the technical complexity of web site management, so they contract with us to do it for them. we can assist you with:
  • Content changes.
  • Content Management Systems
  • Web Site Security
  • Web Site backend database management and administration
  • Managed Hosting
  • domain registration and management
And much more. Call or email us with your needs and we can help you find a solution. Our rates are reasonable, and we look forward to partnering with you to ensure your success.

Search Engine Optimization
It's a fact: Search Engine's can bring customers to your web site! However, search engine optimization, which has the goal of getting your site ranked highly in the search results for specific keywords is a challenging task. With new developments in the search engine field being reported on an almost hourly basis, search engine optimizers need to keep on top of what’s happening just to do their jobs. At Blackstone Web Design, we have extensive experience with search engines. We know what works and what doesn't. Here are a few things we've learned that other companies may not tell you:
  • It takes time and patience!
  • Anyone who gurantees you a number one ranking is not for real.
  • Once you achieve a high ranking, there is no guarantee you will keep it without additional effort.
  • It's a continuous process.
Rather than promising the world to you, our approach is to establish a baseline of where you are ranking now, and then take proactive steps to improve your standing. By tracking the results all along the way progress (and hence - our value to you) can be measured and quantified. Request an appointment with us, and we'll be happy to explain how our approach can get more visitors to your web site and increase your conversion rates.

Video Production & Video Editing
If you're looking for high quality professional digital video production at the right price, you've come to the right place! Blackstone Web Design uses only the latest Sony digital video equipment to shoot your productions. We record all footage onto digital video tape. The footage is then transferred digitally via firewire to our non-linear editing system for zero generation loss editing. This means that everything we shoot looks as good coming out of the system as it does going in.

(Very few video production houses can make that claim!)

You can also choose to energize your production with special effects. Our advanced video editing system can create 3-D flying logos or animations, interesting titles and effects, blue-screen compositing, and much more.
  • Video brochures
  • Industrial training
  • Sales videos
  • Product demonstrations
  • Trade show displays
And we can deliver those videos in any format including VHS tape, CD-ROM, DVD, cDVD, or over the Internet!

Internet & Traditional Marketing
If you own a small business, chances are, you are the marketing department. All too often, you need to find vendors to provide for your marketing needs. Business Cards, Signage, Collateral, Brochures, Trade Show displays, Advertisements, and of course, a web site. By sourcing your marketing requirements out to multiple vendors, you alone are responsible for coordinating your brand and image with all of these companies. This can be a real challenge.

Blackstone Web Design can help. We have extensive capabilities to handle most of your traditional marketing needs in addition to your Internet needs. By bringing all of your brand and image requirements under one roof, you can more easily manage your branding while controlling costs and increasing your speed and flexibility in the marketplace. Give us a call to discuss your marketing needs and we can help you determine if there is a benefit to outsourcing your marketing production to us.

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