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Mendon, MA 01756
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    Professional Web Site Design, Application Development, Hosting, Site Maintenance, & Support


        "Sean at Blackstone Web Design did a fantastic job redesigning our web site...."
    Ed Gidney's Photo  "The look of our web site has been vastly improved and conveys the image we want for Metro-West Realty & Property Management.

    Our new web-based listing management system ?a key part of the new web site - is much easier and quicker to use than the old system, while providing more information for customers that visit our site.

    We couldn't be happier with the results and highly recommend Blackstone Web Design for any business that needs help with their company's web site..."

        "Sean understands the importance of building software that helps the intended users solve real problems..."
      “Sean continually focuses on getting the most from his development dollar investment and is not afraid to tackle a difficult task when it is clear that the result is in the best interest of the project.

    His team was always well prepared and able to deliver on time with superior quality. He managed his schedules well and ensured that his team delivered well designed, well executed, and well tested code in an incremental fashion so that QA activities could be performed while the project was underway, instead of waiting until the end, which often puts the overall project at risk.

    A genuine pleasure to work with...?/b>

    David Fulton, Director of Product Management- PTC - Needham, MA

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